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This picture shows the old Admiralty jetty pier of Gourock in Cardwell Bay. The derelict L-shaped pier in Cardwell Bay, Gourock does not appear on maps produced prior to World War II, indicating that it was purpose built by the Admiralty to service warships at anchor in the Firth of Clyde. After the war, it was used as an overnight mooring place in Gourock for Admiralty boats, and as a terminal for liberty boats from the US submarine base in the Holy Loch. A concrete building on the west corner of the pier served as the station for the Gourock section of the USN shore patrol, responsible for ensuring those on liberty did not become too rowdy.

Adjacent to the station is a line of bus-type shelters which ran along the pier in Gourock, protecting the sailors from the Scottish weather while they waited to return to their base. The metal frame of one shelter still stands to the east of the shore patrol building, and can be seen in this photograph. A wooden hut, painted grey, stood on the concrete jetty leading to the pier, and was the office of the MoD police responsible for pier security in Gourock. With the lack of care and maintenance through the years the land link collapsed and it has been left to decay.

The L-section appears to have been lost from the pier at some time prior to 1956 according to historical Gourock photographs, and having been restored in the 1960s, when the pier was re-used as a terminal for the submarine base. It was abandoned by the Admiralty in the late 1980s and the absence of any care and maintenance has seen the pier has fall into serious disrepair, with the link section to the jetty becoming little more than a line of posts in the water.

For ordnance survey map co-ordinates of this location in Gourock please click here.

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